How are you? This week I want to tell you about opportunities and how just one can change your life. 

I remember, maybe three, four years ago when I had started the process of growing United ArtSpace, I had always had this vision of what I wanted to do. Even when I was creating art, I had this vision in my mind. However, the struggle to get there was real. 

Looking back, when I was an artist and selling my art I think I got lucky. I was in the right place at the right time and managed to sell my art but when it came to United ArtSpace it was very different. I had so much to learn in order to make it work and follow my dream. 

At the time I was doing everything I could to make it work. From courses, to applying everything I had to creating United ArtSpace but things didn’t feel like they were moving forward. My time was limited. I had two babies at the time and another job. To make it work the best I could, I was sacrificing a lot. The juggle was real. 

Even when I made the switch and transitioned out of my paid work, I still felt like things weren’t moving. I began to think it was never going to happen. I was pouring everything into United ArtSpace and not able to pay myself.  I know as an artist, it’s the same. It’s a struggle we’re all faced with. 

So what did I do? I just kept on going. I kept following the lessons I was taking and doing everything I could, and all of a sudden something happened. It was January last year and everything with United ArtSpace clicked into place.

I remember listening to someone at a talk and it made me stop and think. At the time I was struggling with the juggle, I was going through a separation, I had the house to take care of, the kids, and I was working non-stop to try and make it all work. I kept saying to myself ‘it isn’t working because there is just too much going on. I am under too much stress. 

However, at the event, a woman was up on stage telling her story about how crazy her life was with personal things going on and juggling her five kids (yep – five!). In my head something clicked – I may have a lot going on but that doesn’t have to stop this from working. I can push through! 

It was at the same time in one of my courses where I learned about connections and messaging. It was crazy. Within a week everything just flipped. I was able to take a salary and all the puzzle pieces started to fit together. I was so close to giving up and at just the right time these opportunities, lessons, people, and advice were presented to me and it changed everything. 

I now have so many stories from artists who have joined the Hub and the United ArtSpace community where opportunities, lessons, stories, words, and advice have changed their lives. I share some more of these stories below in my video.

So I am here with an opportunity for you… 

I am running FREE online workshops from the 16th September, called Make Art Your Living. During these workshops, I will be talking to you through a framework and really getting you to start to think about how you can start to connect with people because this is so powerful. 

These workshops do run into my course, the Seven Keys, but there is no pressure to take part in the course. You’ll get so much from the three free workshops I will be running. I will take you through a little process of starting to find out how you can connect with more people and how to sell more of your art. 

Not only will I be running these three workshops, but I will also be doing Q&As, interviews with other artists, as well as webinars on pricing, approaching galleries, and where to put your artwork. All of this will be available until the 30th September for replays on our private website. 

I love running this event and helping artists find their voices. However, this event only runs once a year so don’t miss your opportunity to change your life. 

I’d love for you to join us in these workshops and really start focusing on how to make a living from your art. I will be on hand, as well as the UAS team to help you make the most out of this event.

If you want to join in, sign up here >>

Remember, this could be the one opportunity, the one conversion, the one encounter that could change everything. You never know what is around the corner. 

Much love, 

Michelle x.