Hello, how are you? 

So this week I have been talking about finding inspiration when we need it. Sometimes we all need that little push and to dig a little deeper to start making art. This is okay. We don’t have to be on it all the time. 

Sometimes in today’s society, we see this constant need to be putting ourselves out there, to be the perfect artist, the perfect parent, friend, partner. The list goes on. When in reality, this constant reminder is so overwhelming, often leading to us needing to find that inspiration so we can reach our goals. 

Here are some of my top tips. Things I do when I need that little push in the right direction.

Keeping note

Sometimes when we are struggling to find our inspiration it is easy to overlook all the little things we are grateful for each day. When I am in this mindset I find the best way to get out of it is to focus on all the good. Getting a journal and making note of: 

  • What things made me smile today
  • What am I grateful for today 
  • How was I enough today? 
  • My favourite moment of the day 

All of these things can be as small or insignificant as you like. It’s all about focusing the mind on the positive. You will then start to create a log on all the things that bring you joy and this can become a great inspiration bank for the future. 

Get out and take pictures 

Another thing I do when I need to find some much needed inspiration is to go somewhere that I love. It may be a simple walk with the kids, finding a nice little park to walk around, going to a city or a museum. But taking some time out can really help. 

I also love to capture things whilst I am there. Taking pictures of things as they catch my eye along the way. I will then add these to my sketchbooks so when I need a little inspiration from time to time, I can go to these pictures. It’s saved me so many times! 

Talk to people

If you are a member of the Hub, the Makers or the Virtual Art Studio, use it. Go in there and talk to other group members. It’s so good for the mind, body and soul to speak to other like minded people and it can really help you dig deep when you need it. 

After all, this is what United ArtSpace is all about – bringing like minded people together so we can share success and support each other when it is needed.

Free art resources

If you are struggling to find the inspiration to start a new project, a new piece of artwork, to finish an existing piece, these free art resources are great to get those creative juices flowing again. 

This first one is MetPublications. This is a website that has many publications in the art industry. From books to journals, exhibition catalogues to art collection catalogues. It’s amazing. You can find some really inspiring stories and pieces.


The other one to try is Getty Publications. Here you can find more than 300 books to read and download, all for free. They cover all aspects of art. Again, it’s another amazing place to dig down and find some of that much needed inspiration. 


Show up

Sometimes showing up to the studio is the hardest part when we are looking for some inspiration. Get in that studio and pop on a song you love or a podcast and hit the volume button. It can do wonders. 

I really hope this helps you if you are struggling to find that inspiration you need. Always remember, it can be the most insignificant things that make us the most inspired.

Much love,