There is so much going on in the world at the moment. So much in just the past two years. It can weigh heavy on us and sometimes we need to remind ourselves about art and how it can be a healer.

Art is so powerful. It can heal you but it can also bring light, joy, happiness and be really emotive to others. I want to remind you of this. If you feel like creating your art isn’t the best way to help others, help yourself first as you never know what that piece of art will bring to someone else.

During our YOUR ART MATTERS event, I want to bring thousands of artists together, from any stage, at any age, anywhere in the world to celebrate art and all that it brings. Our event will run online and starts on 4th April for the week. During the event, we will bring you:

  • A five day art challenge with daily art prompts
  • Free art talks with guests
  • Drop-in art sessions
  • A new, digital and FREE edition of the Your Art Matters magazine

So, if you are struggling to find your inspiration, maybe you’ve hit a creative block or you want to have some fun and escape the world right now, this event is perfect for you. You can sign up here!


People within our community have been saying to me that they are feeling that creating their art feels a little selfish at the moment. There is so much going on with Ukraine, making their art just doesn’t sit right.

Yes, it is a lot. There is so much to take in but remember art isn’t just escapism for you, it’s escapism for others too. It’s so important to keep creating. To keep your mind free. Art brings people together in so many ways, more than you can even imagine.

When your mind is full and feels heavy, having that outlet to let go and free our thoughts can really help us to escape the real world for a moment.

Two types of people

In times of need, there are often two types of people (in my view), people who will speak out, come forward and be seen. Then there are those who will retreat and go into their shell.

I am one, when things start to get messy and life is a little too much, I retreat. I like to just be and let my mind process the thoughts.

It is okay to do both. However you process moments in life, neither one is better or worse, it’s whatever works for you. The important thing to remember here is – keep making art.

Don’t stop

Keep digging and keep creating. When you stop, that is when your mindset can become misplaced and your thoughts can run wild.

Your art has a place in the world and a story to tell. Your art can heal, so don’t ever feel bad for creating and don’t stop making.

Much love,
Michelle x