Hello, hope you’ve had a wonderful week. 

This is a question I have been thinking about and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. The meaning of art, what is it? There are so many forms of traditional art and alternative art media and materials. 


Art to me

I love that within the Hub there are so many members creating alternative art using different mediums. It is so inspiring and always gets my mind ticking as to how I could make art in different ways. But when thinking of the meaning of art, this is what it means to me. 

“To me art is a language, a visual language that we view and feel some emotional response towards.” 

I truly believe there is a place for all kinds of art in the world and art is not defined by a certain material, piece or size, but by the emotional response from the people responding. 


A quote that I shared a few weeks ago from Seth Godin rings so true. It isn’t the medium you use to create or the oils or where the piece hangs on the wall or if you can eat it.

“Art is what we call… the thing the artist does. It’s not the medium or the oil or the price or whether it hangs on a wall or you eat it. What matters, what makes it art is that the person who made it overcame the resistance, ignored the voice of doubt and made something worth making. Something risky. Something human. Art is not in the eye of the beholder. Art is in the soul of the artist.”

Art shows that the person who has created it has overcome some form of resistance and made something worthwhile. They have ignored any doubt that may have crept in and accomplished the end game.  

It is true that art comes from the soul of the artist. That art isn’t in the eye of the beholder but in the soul of the creator. 

Whether you are creating a piece based on an emotion, a set thought, a belief, a moment or an object, it is a form of communication. You are sharing your thoughts and feelings but in an alternative manner.

Finding your place

Over the years I have worked with thousands of artists and I truly believe there is a place in this world for each and every one. A lot of people struggle with finding who they are as artists, their voice, their why and their people. 

It is a process, yes. But the most important thing is to not compare your art with anyone else’s. It’s always going to be good enough as long as the art comes from within you. 

Whether you are just starting out or have been creating art for a number of years, your art matters.


So you may be thinking, what has this got to do with the meaning of art? Well, the meaning of art will be different for everyone. We all have our preferences. We all have things we love more than others and the same applies to art. You may love one piece of art because you connect with it on an emotional level. You may also connect with a completely different piece of art because you connect with the story behind it. 

It is a visual language that can connect with anyone, but most importantly the person creating. 


Always remember, art is amazing, you are amazing and that your art is amazing! 

Much love, 

Michelle x.