In this blog post I want to talk to you about how we measure success. It’s been on my mind lately as I’ve been noticing so many people getting really disheartened about not selling.

Sometimes we create this vision of what success should look like, but if we base success on what we earn, it can start to make you feel discouraged. The one question that keeps popping up is that “I’m selling art or I’ve just started selling, but I am still doing my teaching job and I feel like a fraud”.

Over the years I have seen this across many platforms. People having another revenue stream to allow them to live and build on their dreams. You don’t need 100% of your income to be from art to be an artist.

I remember having all of these feelings and feeling like a fraud when first starting out. It can almost feel like a waste of time to be chasing your dreams when making money from other things.

So my message to you is—you are an artist. Today and everyday, you aren’t a fraud. You can be an artist and make money in different areas.

Success—the definition

I also want to look at the definition of success. Sometimes this can be buried away inside of you. This in turn can make you miserable, as you will be feeling like you’ve never reached the peak.

It is important to set goals within a time frame so you can step back and see how far you’ve come. This may be with how many sales you are making or it may be the number of followers you’ve or new sign ups. All these little wins make the difference.

Keep shouting: “I’m an artist, I’m an artist, I’m an artist”! It will empower you. You’ve got this.

Much love, 

Michelle xo 

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