Hello, how are you?

Wow. What a couple of weeks we’ve had following our Best Year Yet workshops! We had so many people join in from all over the world, designing their own lives and setting their intentions for making 2022 their best year yet.

I spoke about this within the workshops, but this year I am taking part in an event called 29029 Everesting. It’s the equivalent of climbing Everest. So, during the Best Year Yet workshops I was asking myself all the questions so that I can achieve this challenge. It’s a challenge that is massively out of my comfort zone and I have been asking myself what do I need to be, do and have to be able to do this?

29029 with Colin O’Brady

I have been listening to podcasts and watching shows that will encourage my mindset for endurance. There is a podcast called the 29029 podcast with Colin O’Brady – one of the co-founders of the event. In this podcast he shared this and it was really inspiring so I wanted to share it with you all too. He was talking about how he’s done these massive endurance events in the past and the way he’s got through them is by breaking them down.

There was one event he took part in where he created these flag points when he was mapping out the route, mapping stages in the event. When he started the event lots of people quit within the first few hours. He said he felt like dropping out too. It was so hard. He phoned his wife saying he couldn’t do it. She just said to him “Get to that first flag. No matter how long it takes, you can get there”. So he did. Then he got to the next one and the next and the next until he completed the event.

I loved this example. Hearing somebody else’s perspective was amazing. We don’t always allow ourselves to dream. We don’t always aim for our big goals as we are often scared of pinning our hopes on getting there, and if we don’t, we feel like we failed. The fear begins to build.

Dare to dream 

We need to dare to dream. Stop holding back and giving ourselves limitations. Just keep taking the next step, little by little and you will get there!

So to get started for my 29029 event, I had to really take time to think about what I needed to get going. What was my first step? So I have bought all the kit I need for now and as I need more and my endurance builds I can add to this. I am starting to map out my training. I have hikes booked in and I have time carved out to train.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that if we pick away at our goals we can do them. I have now got a plan together for my 29029 challenge and when February comes, writing my book becomes the next challenge. Again, I will set little steps to reach along the way to make the process more manageable.

I will be throwing myself headfirst into the ‘book writing’ challenge. I will be listening to podcasts, reading books, reaching out to publishers and agents and getting my head mentally prepared to write the book. I will tackle the book a paragraph at a time, this will turn into a chapter and the chapters will turn into a book.

It’s like doing the first brush stroke on a canvas. You don’t go full steam ahead into creating a finished piece. You get your sketchbook and find some inspiration, you do some mark making and loosen up a little. It’s the process and I see this everyday from our Hub members.

Dream BIG!

So, my advice is to really dream big. Allow yourself to dream. Start with the tiny step and work towards your dream. Like Colin said, it’s his north star. When he starts a big event, that is his north star but he doesn’t focus on that. He focuses on the little steps that will in turn lead him to the north star. Enjoying the journey and every step.