Have you ever considered changing the medium you use as it might sell for more money?

When I was at art school I moved away from ink work as I got the impression from ‘everyone else’ that this wasn’t REAL art. If I wanted to sell, I needed to learn how to master oils.

Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with oils – what I am saying is there isn’t anything wrong with all the other kinds of materials you use either.

It’s not about the material, it’s about how you develop skill with whatever material you choose.

This skill translates into the value of your art, it’s what  makes you unique and stand out from everyone else using that material.

How you create a desire for your work is what demands the high $$$ for your work and that is what I talk about in this video! 

Looking back 

I remember desperately wanting to be an oil painter and investing loads of money in art materials, in oil paint, and trying hard to be an oil painter. And it wasn’t in me.

I loved working with inks. But I genuinely started to believe that if I was going to make a good living and sell art at a premium that ink wasn’t going to do that for me. So I started to deviate away from that medium and in doing so, I started to lose the belief in what I could sell. 

What I’ve learnt…

What I have learnt over the years is, it really doesn’t matter what medium you use. If you go out to galleries and you start looking around, there are all different types of art using different mediums, all at different price points. It’s not just oils that demand this higher price. 

You can use any materials you like. What allows you to hit the higher price point is, developing the skill in the medium you’ve chosen. A medium that lights your fire, it’s your passion, it gets you excited. This is where your drive and uniqueness will come from as an artist. 


This doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring new mediums and art styles. I spent years exploring acrylic paint which led me to explore acrylic sculptures. It shows you that when you start to hone in on what it is that fires you up, you grow as an artist and it doesn’t mean you have to use one material forever.

Keep practicing and your voice will develop. This is what makes you stand out as an artist which allows you to hit the higher price points. The value comes from the work you’ve put in.

Ask yourself
  • If I want to sell at this price point, what do I need to do? 
  • Do I need to adapt the work in some way? 
  • Do I need to develop my skills in a certain area? 
  • Do I need to push this into a certain place? 
  • If I want it in a certain place, what do I need to do to get into that place?

It’s about asking the right questions with a really open mind. 


Never deviate from what it is that you really want to do. What really excites you? What medium excites you? Don’t get into your own head as to what medium you think will sell better. Pick the medium that you love.

Much love, 

Michelle xo. 

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