Hello, how are you? 

This week I want to talk about how when we focus on specific things, that’s where our energy flows. I started doing this a while ago and it is amazing how it works, so let me explain a little more.

In the Hub and the 7 Keys course I speak about this a lot. It’s the same as the analogy of a ‘red car’. You buy a red car and then all of a sudden you start seeing red cars all over the place. There aren’t more red cars on the road than before, it is because your mind has become focused on red cars, so your energy begins to notice them more often. 

Now, this works in many other aspects. Here are some more examples: 

  • If you keep saying you don’t have enough time, you won’t have enough time.
  • If you keep saying your work isn’t good enough, you’ll start to see evidence of this. 
  • If you keep thinking you don’t have money, then you won’t have money. 

However, if you turn these thoughts around to:

  • I do have time. I have the same 24 hours as everyone else in the world—you may be busy, but you will begin to have an abundance of time. 
  • My work is good enough—opportunities and evidence will start to present themselves to you.
  • I do have money, I do have the potential to make money—these opportunities will come. 

The more you say these things, and keep repeating them over and over again, the more you’ll see of them. 

This is your little reminder of where focus goes, energy flows. Make note of it, pin it up and keep reminding yourself of it. 

Much love, 

Michelle xo.