I want to shout out to all the lovely artists out there because you are amazing! Being an artist is a mighty task. People will often say, ‘oh it must be lovely being an artist, making art all day long’. If it were just this, then wouldn’t life be grand?

But no, artists can’t just sit making art all day long, they have to wear the hat of many roles to make art their living. Such as:

  1. The Creator: you need to do the creating of the art in the first place.
  2. The Administrator: keeping on top of your sales, who’s brought what, orders that need posting, organising post, completing forms etc.
  3. The Bookkeeper: making sure you are earning enough money to cover costs, pay bills and buy stock.
  4. The Copywriter: writing your bios, statements, applications, social media posts and website content.
  5. The Website designer: you need to create a website to showcase your art. You have to work out the design, develop it and monitor the site.
  6. The Marketeer: putting your art there, finding and reaching your who.
  7. The Dispatcher: you need to send out the artwork that sells and ensure your customer receive it.
  8. The Procurement manager: you need to buy in resources that you need. Shop around and find solutions to fit your needs.
  9. The Social media manager: making sure you’ve got content going out to your audience, and you are reaching your people through social media platforms.
  10. The Stock controller: you have to make sure you have all your stock and equipment in place to be able to make your art and grow as an artist.
  11. The Tech guru: you’re in control of all the things technical, whether you like it or not!

Many artists are doing all of this whilst juggling other jobs so that they can fulfil their dream. Artists do so much behind the scenes, and I want to give you all a big high five because being an artist is a huge challenge but one of the most rewarding.

Artists are a voice for what can’t be verbalised. They make us stop, look, listen, think, contemplate and understand. They give us hope, joy and bring colour to our lives. 

When you’re an artist, you don’t have a manager reminding you how well you’re doing. So, we’re here to tell you that you are doing great. 

If you know an artist who needs reminding how well they’re doing, please share this with them so we can give them a virtual high five.

Remember, you’re amazing. Art is amazing. Your art is amazing.