Have you ever found yourself uttering ‘ I can’t do this, ‘I can’t cope with this’, or ‘I may as well give up’?

When we receive bad news or any kind of rejection, we can head into a negative thought pattern.

The same can happen when things are not going the way we want them to, we begin to make decisions from a place of fear or desperation.

I have found this happening to me this week, so in today’s episode, I share an insight into my brain and how I have started to reframe things.

Words matter

The words that you say to yourself and the way you reframe things is so important!

In the last few weeks I have been given notice in the house I live in and at first I was really upset and angry. My kids have been here since they were babies and it’s their home. I was finding myself telling people that I was being evicted and chucked out. This isn’t the case. I have been served notice by my landlord but I just had these really strong emotions towards it which led me to feeling this way. 

It was on my radar to move but not yet. I really wanted to buy somewhere but I am still trying to save towards my deposit. So then what happened was, my mind started to run away with me. The panic, the fear and the feeling of being out of control, it was over taking my mindset. 


So, I decided it needed to reframe the words I was using around my situation. I am not being evicted or chucked out. I have been given notice on my house and yes, I am sad that I have to leave but it is now time for a new adventure for me and the kids. 

Your art 

This translates into everyday life. Even with your artwork. The topic, the questions. The words matter. 

If you are making an artwork and it isn’t working out, you start to say, this is rubbish. I’m not a good artist! When actually, the words you want to be saying are, this isn’t working right now. What is it that isn’t working? What can I do to improve it? These are the useful words. 

Words matter in every scenario. From putting an exhibition together, writing your statement, marketing copy, social media copy, the list goes on. 

I talk about this more in an episode of the Your Art Matters podcast. You can find this at the top of this page! 


Just remember, words matter. If you are struggling with something try to reframe the way you are talking and thinking about. How can you make it better? Is there something you can do to change the situation? 

It takes a lot of practice but it is a game changer! 

Much love, 


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