This week I was joined by two special guests over on the Your Art Matters podcast, Leon Taylor and Sarah Griffiths. We discussed how you can overcome mental health challenges and still achieve your big goals and dreams. We also talked about Leon’s and Sarah’s new book called: ‘Leon’s Magic Mantra’. 

Leon is a mindset coach on the Headspace app, former Olympian Silver Medalist Diver, commentator on BBC Sports and support of the SportsAid charity. 

Sarah is a children’s book author, storyteller and a writer. She has a passion for celebrating each child’s magnificent uniqueness. Sarah’s stories teach children how to improve self-esteem and reach for their dreams. 

You can listen to our chat on the Your Art Matters podcast which is found about and you can watch it below: 

We discuss:

  • Strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety
  • A live breathing exercise that takes 2 minutes and helps you regain control and get out of your head and into your body
  • The process of creating a children’s book, from start to publication
  • The book ‘Leon’s Magic Mantra’ and how it’s helped me and my family

The book

Leon’s and Sarah’s book is so important. There is so much I take away from it every time I read it to my kids. It’s a reminder to myself to overcome fear, find strength and how important it is to be passionate about what you are doing. 

This book is all about Leon’s journey and the feelings that come with that and how Leon used his own mantra as a young boy to overcome these feelings.

I think it is really important to know although this book is for children, it really is for everyone. We can teach children these strategies but it is also important to teach ourselves these strategies too. 

So if you need a little magic mantra in your life or you have a child who needs a little encouragement this book is just perfect. 

I had such an inspiring talk with Leon and Sarah. Please do go listen as there is so much you can take away from it. You’ll never know when you will need your magic mantra. 

You can learn more about Leon’s Magic Mantra here