Hello! How are you all getting on?

Here in the UK, we are facing another Lockdown. With this in mind, I thought this week we could all do a little art therapy to take your mind off all the craziness going on in the world. 

Romeo was my lovely guest this week who gave us a demonstration on how to create zentangle art and enjoy the process of drawing to relax. 

Here is a little look as to what zentangle is and how you can create your own. We’ll even give you a little look at what some of our artists have created since watching Romeo’s video. 





A little bit Romeo

Romeo is a Hub member who has been an artist from January last year. He is a sketch artist drawing from realism, using graphite pencils. Before becoming an artist, Romeo had no drawing experience and has been a hairdresser for the last 25 years as well as a photographer.

Last year Romeo wanted to do something a bit different and decided he fancied doing some drawing when things in his life weren’t going so well, and he was suffering from mental health issues. 

He started off drawing only hair. He couldn’t draw eyes or the other facial features. Within six months of watching YouTube videos. Romeo was able to draw full portraits. 

Whilst watching these videos on how to create portraits, he stumbled upon zentangle art videos. These videos were very therapeutic and relaxing and are what got Romeo through the hard times, drawing whilst being in his own little world. 

Over the past almost two years, Romeo is now producing the most amazing portraits. He has his own YouTube channel, showing other people how to create zentangle art, wanting to share how relaxing and therapeutic this form of art is for your mind and body. 

What is zentangle art?

First of all, ‘zen’ means calm and relaxed, and the tangle stands for the pattern. It’s easy to learn and is a relaxing form of drawing.

You can create the tangles by connecting and combining dots, lines and curves, ‘S’ curves and orbs. You can then start to shade in the patterns which don’t have set orientation. You create the designs on small pieces of paper or in little hand-drawn boxes. You can then pull all the patterns together to create a mosaic. 

When drawing your zentangle art, you don’t need to have a pattern in mind. You just draw and see where it takes you. It’s all about enjoying and relaxing during the process. 

So here is the video with Romeo with how to start your zentangle art therapy:

I hope you find this as relaxing and enjoyable as I did… I had to get my sketchbook out that evening after chatting to Romeo and have a go myself. 

Thank you so much, Romeo, for giving up your time to sit with me and chat us through this amazing form of art. You can find Romeo’s details below:Instagram: www.instagram.com/romeo_sketchesWebsite: www.romeosketches.co.ukYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdUdtQB1kL_tvmpFTqEhe7gFacebook: www.facebook.com/romeosketchess


Michelle xx