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Why You Can Work More Efficiently With A Deadline

 I was talking with one of our members last week, Amanda, and she said how when she has an exhibition or a commission, she works so much more efficiently and gets so much more done. It kicks Amanda’s art making into action. I’m sure you’ve felt this at some point too. I definitely have. […]

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Do this if you want more money

Would you like more money? Even those not driven by money wouldn’t say no to a little more, hey? Money doesn’t create happiness but it can relieve pressure and impact our lives and the lives of others. For years I was stuck in a negative money pattern and couldn’t seem to earn past a certain […]

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What Do You Really Want?

Life swallows us up and we often lose sight of what we REALLY want. Has this happened to you recently? I have found myself exploring where I want to live and it’s making me realise how much I follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing, as it’s easier. If I stop and […]

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5 Years Of The Hub And My Lessons Learnt

It was more than 7 years ago I had an idea to create a platform for artists so they can grow confidence and learn how to make amazing artwork and sell it. A platform that supports, nurtures and has all the answers in one place. A community with people from all over the world who […]

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Words Matter!

Have you ever found yourself uttering ‘ I can’t do this, ‘I can’t cope with this’, or ‘I may as well give up’? When we receive bad news or any kind of rejection, we can head into a negative thought pattern. The same can happen when things are not going the way we want them […]

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How To Find A Mentor

There is no way I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for the help of other people. Finding a mentor can unlock inspiration, connect you to people, support and guide you.  Being an artist and having people around us to support us and keep us going and mentor us is 100% necessary […]

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How To Deal With A Difficult Client or Situation

Have you found yourself in a situation where someone insults you or annoys you? Or, is it suggesting something that makes you want to retaliate?? I have my hand up here!!! It might be a client who keeps asking for revision after revision, or a gallery who wants you to reduce the cost of your […]

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Lessons From The Mountain

I’ve finished a weekend of hiking a mountain for 35 hours. I want to share everything I have learned and how much of what I learned relates to everyday life. People said many times that I was brave to make this event so public, what if I didn’t complete it and I would have to […]

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Why Artists So Amazing!

I want to shout out to all the lovely artists out there because you are amazing! Being an artist is a mighty task. People will often say, ‘oh it must be lovely being an artist, making art all day long’. If it were just this, then wouldn’t life be grand? But no, artists can’t just […]

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Have Patience And Trust Your Journey

In this blog I talk about how we need to have patience and trust the journey that we’re on. Sometimes it’s hard, and we feel like we can’t do it any longer, but it’s these challenging times that make us value what we have when we reach our goals and dreams. This all started from […]

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