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7 Keys Alumni Art Talk – How they created success using the 7 key framework

So many people have reached out to say how much they learn from our artist talks, so we have dug a talk from the archives as we don’t want you to miss this one!!   We chat with artists, Nina Couser, Lotti Rawle and Annette Morris.   Anette had been making art for many years […]

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From Redundant To Full-Time Artist with Ronelle Reid

 Join Michelle and award-winning artist Ronelle Reid as they talk about how Ronelle transitioned from being made redundant from her work to becoming a full-time artist. Ronelle also shares her tips on getting grants, how to network and find your WHO, plus some golden information on what artist residencies are. This was a live […]

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Behind the Sketchbook with Jenny Stevenson

From dreaming of a solo show to making it a reality –  Behind the Sketchbook with Jenny Stevenson Collage and book artist Jenny Stevenson joins us to share her experience working through our 7 Keys framework.  She shares how she: Developed her voice Dreamt of a solo show and made it happen Sold her marketing […]

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The Meaning Of Making Art Your Living

JOIN MICHELLE FOR A LIVE PODCAST RECORDING! This week, Michelle recorded a bumper live podcast episode to kick off the Make Art Your Living Workshops that start on Thursday, 7th September. In this episode, Michelle explores the meaning of Making Art Your Living, says hello to people joining live in the chat, shares their comments […]

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How Do You Stand Out From The Crowd?

Isn’t it frustrating when you post to Instagram and only a few people see your post?? My friend, Jay Kingman from Aniko Branding, did an experiment recently and posted to Instagram, and only 5 people out of 3500 people saw his post!!  He posted the same post to Linkedin, and over 1000 people saw it. […]

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Who do you need to be to gain the success you want?

As I have been delving into my creativity recently, it has left me feeling vulnerable. I am delving into a new way of making art and am very conscious of my lack of ‘skill’ and where I want to be. I am also writing my heart out as my book’s words finally flow. This burst […]

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So What? Why Should We Care About Your Art?

 Why should we care about your art? Ouch. This can be a hard question to swallow. I was given this advice recently: whenever I write a headline or have something I want to present to the world, I should ask the question, ‘So What?’ This golden advice can help you: Communicate with others Get […]

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Lessons From A Milk Carton: Q&Q

I sat at the kitchen table, and as all was quiet in the house, I had time to sit and contemplate.  I poured my oat milk onto my cereal and read the milk carton before me for the first time in years! The milk carton shared a tip: How to be curious by using the […]

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Today Is Going To Be The Best Day Of Your Year

Life is a tapestry of highs and lows, triumphs and tribulations. It can be difficult to see beyond the pain and frustration during our most challenging moments.    During these trying times, we are pushed to our limits and tested in ways we never imagined. While we may get caught in the whirlwind of emotions […]

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The One Change You Can Make Today That Will Impact Where You Are 5 Years From Now

I recall times when I wanted to do something, but it felt so far out of reach that I procrastinated or felt frustrated that I wasn’t getting anywhere.   One of those times was setting up United ArtSpace, and it annoyed me that I never had time to work on my dream.  I was pushed and […]

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